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Hi guys! We are Puja and Dhruv, husband and wife, best friends, and travel mates.  

Our journey of jet setting the world started soon after we began dating. We quickly learned that we both had a passion for traveling and immersing ourselves in other cultures. Whether our destination be a few hours away from Chicago home or across the globe, our ability to experience other cultures, taste new foods, and try heart racing adventures was surely something we want to continue to experience.

Once we started traveling our friends would continuously want us to share our amazing experiences with them – from what to see, traveling in style, and how to travel on any budget. From the sights we saw, to the foods we ate, we wanted to share our adventures with our families, friends and many others.

Map of My World is a source for inspiration -- that covers everything from best places to visit, what to pack, and how to travel in style. These pages are filled with everything we love about travel: food, fashion, culture, and the amazing memories made on a lifetime of journeys! Follow along as we continue to travel the world together!